Windows By Wes

Here are some painted windows, as seen at Mt. Adams Art on the Hill, Newport Garden Walk and “Flea to the Farm” in Augusta, KY

If you see one here that you like, or if you’d like to commission me to paint your window, just use the Contact Form. Be sure to read details below*.

#163 conflower and butterfly 24in x 28in Price: $40.00 (SOLD)
#174 Dogwood 34in x 18in Price: $40.00 (SOLD)
#173 Poppies 17in x 22in Price: $30.00 (SOLD)
#164 Koi 19in x 27in Price: $60.00 (SOLD)
#166 Octopus 17in x 22in Price: $30.00
#165 Flamingos 36in x 20in Price: $40.00
#167 Casement window box 17in x 31in Price: $60.00
#168 Tulips, blue vase II 17in x 22in Price: $50.00
#169 Fountain 27in x 30in Price: $60.00 (SOLD)
#172 Birches 28in x 30in Price: $60.00
#177 Angelfish 17in x 22in Price: $30.00
Fern 17in x 22in Price: $30.00
#171 Cincinnati 19in x 35in Price: $60.00 (SOLD)
#152 Tabby Cat $85 Commission SOLD
#154 Wolf $185 Commission SOLD
#155 Farmland $135 Commission SOLD
#156 Mary C’s Hibiscus Commission SOLD
#157 London Commission SOLD
#147 Fall Pumpkin 36in x 32in Price: $125.00 SOLD
#149 Apple blossoms 36in x 14in Price: $90.00 SOLD
#145 Kitten & daisies 23in x 18in Price: $50.00 SOLD
#144 Fern 2 27in x 22in Price: $90.00 SOLD
#143 Cat & butterfly 19in x 34in Price: $100.00 SOLD
#142 Blackbirds 43in x 34in Price: $50.00 SOLD
#141 Nasturtiums 41in x 34in Price: $75 (crack in corner) SOLD
#140 Succulents 18in x 34in Price: $30.00 SOLD
#138 Gargoyle 32in x 30in Price: $40.00 SOLD
#137 Iris 3 41in x 34in Price: $60.00 SOLD
#136 Tulips 23in x 18in Price: $30.00 SOLD
#135 Zinnia vase 23″h x 18″w Price: $90.00 SOLD
#134 Lemons 23″hx18″w Price: $90.00 SOLD
#133 Life cycle 23″h x18 “w Price: $90.00 SOLD
#132 Zodiac 36″h x 14″w Price: $90.00 SOLD
#130 sunflower field 2 39″h x34 “w Price: $100.00 SOLD
#127 treefrog on mirror 2?”h x 1?”w Price: $30.00 SOLD
#122 Koi Pond 40″h x 34″w Price: $115.00 SOLD
#121 Butterfly 42″h x 42″w Price: $20.00 (cracked)
#111 Monarch 18″h x 31″w Price: $100.00 SOLD
#110 Hydrangea 32″h x 45″w Price: $100.00 SOLD
#107 Bunny 20″h x 34″w Price: $30.00 SOLD
#103 Sun 22"x20" Price: $75.00 Glass mirror w no frame
#103 Sun 22″x20″ Price: $75.00 Glass mirror w no frame SOLD
#151 Pumpkin farm 43in x 32in Price: $110.00 SOLD
#125 Wisteria 40″x34″(approx) Price $100 SOLD
#152 Garden door 83in x 24in Price: $70.00
#148 Day of the Dead 23in x 18in Price: $90.00 SOLD
#150 Zinnia/hummingbird 36in x 36in Price: $75.00 Commission, window provided
#117 Lupine 31″h x 32″w Price: $95.00– SOLD
#115 Geraniums 18″h x 37″w Price: $135.00 Heavy steel casement window – SOLD
#114 Daffodils 18″h x 34″w Price: $85.00 – SOLD
#113 ConeFlower 33″h x 32″w Price: $100.00 – SOLD
#109 and 108 Flamingos 31″h x 19″w Price: $100.00 $180 as a pair SOLD
#106 Hollyhocks 31″h x 18″w Price $100 SOLD
#105 Zinnias 18″h x 25″w Price: $100.00 SOLD
#102 Poppies 25″h x 28″w Price: $85.00 SOLD
#101 Dogwood 39″h x 35″w Price: $125.00 SOLD
#118 Iris 35″h x 28″w Price: $100.00 – SOLD
#119 Fern 39″h x 34″w Price: $100.00 – SOLD
#120 Daisies 34"h x 44"w Price: $100.00
#120 Daisies 34″h x 44″w Price: $100.00 – SOLD
#123 Sunflowers 40″h x 34″w Price: $100.00 – SOLD
#124 Pansies 20″h x 28″w Price: $75.00 – SOLD
#116 Grapes 26″h x 31″w Price: $75.00– SOLD
#126 Iris-2 25″h x 27″w Price: $85.00 SOLD
#131 Radickorn 38″h x 38″w Commissioned
#139 Cow 32in x 30in Commission SOLD
#146 Geraniums 2?”h x 2?”w Price: $100 SOLD
#112 Honeybees 27″h x 34″w Price: $100.00– SOLD

We love our windows and hope you will too. But make sure you’re aware of what you’re buying.  Contact us with question.

  • We don’t try to make these look old, they just ARE old.
  • The photos represent our best effort to portray how each window looks. Please pay close attention to the dimensions listed as they vary considerably.
  • These windows are ones we found cruising through construction sites and alleys, so they are rough; just the way we like them.
  • Don’t assume you can use them for actual windows.  
  • These are for decoration only and are shabby chic.
  • Some frames are wobbly, they may need attention so they don’t fall apart.
  • They are mostly in the condition we found them, with maybe the glass wiped down with some rubbing alcohol. We’ve used outdoor acrylic paint for the decorations, but that paint won’t last forever and can fade or flake.
  • The finish that is on the frames is how we found them. That finish may be varnish, paint, etc and may be latex, oil, lead-based, we have no idea.  
  • The old paint on the frame will likely chip off some. So, don’t let youngster touch or chew on these.
  • Mounts and mounting hardware are not included.
  • Prices listed are subject to change.
  • In short, these windows come with no warranty for any particular purpose. They come as is. Use at your own risk.

Care for your window: Hang using sturdy mounts as old windows are heavy. Gently wash with Windex, but don’t rub. We have windows that have been outside for years, but we’ve found bringing them in during freezing months extends the life, especially any exposed wood.

Moderation in all things, except butter.